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We're a small publishing house coming out of nowhere.  While we may have just gotten started, we have big plans and bigger dreams. 

Our main concern as a publisher is to find writers who are producing well-written and entertaining fiction, and then providing it to the masses.  We work very closely with our authors, and we don't stiff them on royalties.  Because we're cool like that.

The Homeless Johnson Publishing Catalogue

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Latest Releases:

Things You're Not Supposed to Talk About by Seth Johnson.  January, 2004.  Trade paperback, collected essays, 167 pages.

Notes on Falling Out of Love by John Underwood.  January, 2004.  Trade paperback, novel, 119 pages.


Our next project is an as-yet untitled anthology of short stories by young, upcoming authors.  It will be edited by Daniel Hernandez and John Underwood, each of whom are contributing a story.  The theme of the anthology is "freak literature" ... described by Hernandez thusly: "I almost picture them as freak parables.  I think we can be as vile and repulsive as we'd like, as long as the point is important."

Check back for more information in the coming months, and for further "coming soon" items.

Learn More About the Authors and Their Works

Visit John Underwood's site to learn more about the author, his life, and what he's working on.  Available on John's site: access to his weblogs -- both personal and writing-oriented -- as well as information on his other projects.


More in the future!