Homeless Johnson




Welcome to the world of Homeless Johnson.

Homeless Johnson is a small company which publishes books and produces films and music.  HJ was founded in 2003 by Chris Livesay and John Underwood in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What's New at Homeless Johnson

Our website, of course, is still under construction.  As is our company.  We have big dreams though.  Come back from time to time, and we're sure you will find something new and interesting.  And entertaining.

The newest addition to our website is the Catalogue, where you can browse through our releases.  The Catalogue is under construction, and for now you can only browse the releases by Author Name.  In the future, you will be able to browse by Author Name, Title, and Category.  The Catalogue can be reached by clicking the Catalogue link in the menu on the left side of your screen.

Check out our Publishing page (click the "Publishing" link to the left there...) to see our newest releases and what's coming up in the next few months.


We're New At This...

Homeless Johnson has only been in business a short time, so for now the pickings are slim. 

However, here is what you can expect in the future from HJ:  As we continue publishing books, you will find pages for our authors and their work.  You will be able to purchase the books from our website.  Synopses, reviews, and interviews with authors will all be available.

In addition to that, there will soon be a page for HJ's film productions, where you will find roughly the same thing: synopses, reviews, and interviews with the cast, crew, writer, and director. 


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